Hey! I'm Justin Sansom aka Giovanni...


I've been a model​ since 2013 and I absolutely love it. Modeling has become a passion of mine, and one of my purposes in life.


I began modeling in fashion shows on Central's campus. As time went on, I started networking with photographers in the Metro Detroit area and fell in love with print modeling. As a child, I was very lost in who I was, because of being gay and living for others. Modeling has helped me express the creativity that I wasn't able to express in my youth.

My goal with modeling is to continue exploring myself, conceptualizing creativity and to positively impact others with the confidence and motivation to be themselves.


I'm a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & Advertising. I've been a graphic designer since 2017. I didn't expect to work in this field after graduating... truthfully, I didn't know what type of job I wanted. Marketing didn't fulfill my interests anymore, but I continued to pursue my degree because of scholarships & the fear of starting over.

My first post-grad job was a marketing intern role at a print and design company; eventually, I taught myself how to use the Adobe applications and began designing. I was then hired as a project manager and gained a vast amount of experience in designing, printing & production, and consulting. 

Now, I'm a designer at an accounting firm and a freelance creative on the side!