Hey! I'm Justin Sansom aka Giovanni...

I'm a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & Advertising. I've been modeling​ since 2013 and I absolutely love it. Modeling has become a passion of mine, and one of my purposes in life.


I began modeling in fashion shows on Central's campus. As time went on, I started networking with photographers in the Metro Detroit area and fell in love with print modeling. Modeling is the one activity that I have a genuine interest in. My dream is to someday become a print model for a fashion company, cosmetics company or  a magazine! 

Modeling is a resource of my happiness. It's helped me gain confidence in myself, and helped diminish a lot of my insecurities. As a child, I was very lost in who I was, because of being gay and living for others. Modeling has helped me express the creativity that I wasn't able to express in my youth.

My goal with modeling is to continue exploring myself, conceptualizing creativity and to positively impact others with the confidence and motivation to be themselves.

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